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i love to take beautiful pics. i collect them at home and also on a offsite backup. don't wanna lose the stuff in case of xxx!

my current ranking at gurupics is master. may i reach the guru level on day ... ?

feel free to watch my pics or you can join and support me a bit ...

if you like my fotos and you wanna get one in the original size (20 - 50 MB) and with the fully copyright for usage, talk to me.

Guru Friends:

Remo Rickli

Piero Mora

Simone Glinz

Tobias Oetiker

Steven Glogger (not yet alive ...)

Nate Sommer-Cook (not alive anymore ...)


Guru Pick Nr 5 with the following Picture. Now, the first Rank on one Challange is between me and the Guru ...


Guru Pick Nr 4 with the following Picture. One step closer to the Guru Ranking :)


today, i got my third Guru Pick with the following Picture. I'm now ranked as a Master, ways higher than i ever dreamed of ...


today, i got ranked as #9 with the following Pic ...


just got my 2nd Guru Pic ! Thank you Eugene Li for make this happen !

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